That Poverty Project

What is That Poverty Project?


That Poverty Project 2012That Poverty Project involves creating widespread awareness about the mindset that entrenches poverty, and engaging people everywhere to raise their voice in support of poverty eradication.  Poverty CAN be eliminated.  We have sufficient resources and know-how . . . we simply have to make it a priority and adopt a plan to get the job done.  Click to See What You Can Do

The project launch involved Sean Krausert’s personal sacrifice via three poverty experiences, each approximately three months in duration, in order to bring awareness to poverty issues.  Click to See How You Can Help

The poverty experiences include focusing on:


  • That Poverty Guy resting after a difficult night.Homelessness –    From July 23rd, 2011 to October 8th, 2011, Sean experienced living without the comforts of home. Following the model of impoverished workers in his home community in the Rockies and refugees and slum dwellers around the world, Sean lived in a sparsely equipped tent. And, looking to the plight of urban homelessness, Sean only ate, bathed, washed clothes, and tended to his personal needs like one does who lives on the streets.   Click Here to Read the Living Parameters for Phase One

  • Working Poor – From November 1st, 2011 to January 31st, 2012, Sean lived like Scraping together some much needed extra cash by collecting bottles.millions of Canadians (and billions of others around the world) who have enough to cover their rent and utilities, but hardly any leftover funds to pay for food, clothes, transportation, entertainment, etc.   Sean had an average budget of $7.50 per day to cover all of his needs. Click Here to Read the Living Parameters for Phase Two


  • Hunger – World Food Programme "Food Basket"From March 1st, 2012 to May 31, 2012, Sean will lived like hundreds of millions of people around the world . . . with barely enough food to sustain him. Using World Food Programme rations as the guide, Sean ate only his allotted portion each day and lost 41 lbs in the three months. Click Here to Read the Living Parameters for Phase Three



That Poverty Project needs YOUR help to be successful! 

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Sean Krausert - 2011 Peace Medal Recipient