That Poverty Project


(What You Can Do)

#1 Stand up for what is right . . . and be counted.

Add your name to petitions and declarations that encourage making elimination of poverty at home and abroad a top priority.  That Poverty Project has "A Declaration to World Leaders" to which you could add your name.  Similarly, organizations such as Dignity for All and Make Poverty History (Canada) have petitions to support elimination of poverty in Canada.  And, ONE collects names of supporters from around the world who are share the value of eliminating poverty.


#2 Let your elected officials know WE CARE.

Add your voice on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves.  Ask questions about poverty during election campaign and take a few minutes and send a note to the leader of your country, or the finance minister, or your locally elected official and let them know we expect that
"No one will go hungry . . . or homeless . . . on their watch."

In Canada, click on the following for contact information for:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper

Hon. Jim Flaherty (Minister of Finance)

Your Member of Parliament

What if every week or two each of us spent 3 minutes e-mailing these individuals with a simple one-line message saying  that we expect them to take action to eliminate poverty in Canada and around the world?


#3 Be an advocate in your sphere of influence.

Let your friends, family, and co-workers know that you have had enough of so many people not having enough food, shelter, clothes, access to schools, health care, and sanitation.  Share with your network information you find that will increase their poverty awareness, and encourage them to make elimination of poverty a priority, too.


#4 Simply do a little bit more than you are right now. 

What does “a little bit more” look like?

Discover that area of poverty at home or abroad that most interests you . . . hunger, homelessness, refugees, AIDS orphans, children without lunches . . . (& the list goes on!).   Then, in the area of poverty that interests you most . . . increase your involvement more than you are doing right now.  This might be volunteering, or making monthly donations, or advocating on behalf of the cause (e.g. telling your friends or writing to your elected officials).

If everyone did only a little bit more . . . there would be no poverty.


#5 Help That Poverty Project be successful. 

In order for That Poverty Project to engage more and more people in the fight to eradicate poverty, YOUR help is needed.  Please click here to find out what you can do to assist the project.